Evolution (14th-30th of April 2015 in Asia House, London) was a multi-disciplinary exhibition showcasing various aspects of Iranian art, architecture and culture across different periods in time, curated by studio INTEGRATEs director Mehran Gharleghi. Bringing together academics, artists and architects, this exhibition presented studio INTEGRATE’s research on a series of carefully selected historical and contemporary buildings in Iran. Evolution also featured a collaboration between Iranian film-maker Mania Akbari and British sculptor Douglas White, artworks by the artist Khosrow Hassanzadeh and a theme-specific sonic landscape by musicians Roxana and Peter Vilk of GOL. Lectures by Mehran Gharleghi, Amin Sadeghy, Dr. Sussan Babaie, Kamin Mohammadi and the aforementioned artists, introduced by Danny Whitehead of the British Council, aimed to open up the dialogue on Iranian art and architecture to a wider and diverse international audience within the UK-Iran season of culture. For the exhibition, I designed a pamphlet and seven explicatory boards. In parallel, I started working on the design of a catalogue that would feature studio INTEGRATE’s research – thus playing with the studio’s wondrous images in search of a cover.

Photos by Diana Araya Munoz