“This time it was more cult than culture, the inspiration being televangelism: the deliciously paradoxical religious egotrips culminating in delirious 1980s icons such as Tammy Faye Bakker. Mercifully Tammy’s style was only loosely referred to, mostly in the use of skirt suits, stripped of their power shoulders and hiddy prints.” (@Antipodium LFW15)

“As faces become invisible behind them, these wooden slabs, accident remains, catastrophe foretellers work like a question mark, as both weapon and shield of the post-modern dweller.” (@Craig Green AW13)

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“Topically, the show was set in a car-park: a hint to what would follow. It opened with seemingly banal Google Map prints: arguably a comment on the Pynchonian levels of surveillance at work in our smart cities. Virtuality embedded in our clothes, windows opening to our pixellated real cars within our fake optic. But the show was not only about the invasion of privacy, as it brought to life a topos of Inter-War literature, the car-crash. Barrech followed Benjamin, Jünger, Bontempelli, Ballard, Buzzati, and of course Virilio (‘A society that privileges instantaneity and the present also privileges the accident.’) – cunningly, he inserted himself within a post-modern temporality by staging a fake accident in the middle of his show, thus really evoking the Instant of the Fall, the mechanical break: catastrophe reframed as happening.” (@Wali Mohammed Barrech SS15)