“Americanisations and assassinations, the Murderer (or victim? witness?) in white, impeccable traveller of the Last Hope Motel. Heels and Americana, Californian misty blue in a noir Summer breeze. Sleeveless belted goddess, slit, nefarious confidence, model-sized, Faux Angel. Rhetorical exercise – fashion exercice. Gun as ultimate groovy prop.”

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  • ifj_journalism50What if… Leigh Bowery was still alive (ft. Comme des Garçons)

“Chrome Sottssass furniture and/or 60s sculptures; black-and-white council houses; skeleton urbanism; comic-book lands, dead ends: Michael Clark & Leigh Bowery’s interrogation mark. Enough with the mourning: there is violence in McQueen’s collections, sure; in some decay and the dust of dark, forlorn centuries, yes; but he was a jester of Supermodernity as much as a neo-Victorian or a tormented Romantic – and the future becomes his creations.”

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“There is something profoundly disturbing in assuming such identities: as if taking a trip to the dark side, flirting with the unknown while at the same time avoiding our fears by portraying them. Are we not avoiding our demons in borrowing their garments for a night, is it not just a game?”